Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent and Multi Agent Systems (AIMS)


The Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent and Multi Agent Systems Research Program AIMS at advancing the state of the art in both theory and practice of the research areas declared in its title, i.e. Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent and Multi Agent Systems, and more, e.g. Theoretical Computer Science and Formal

This goal is achieved (theory) by defining, modeling, designing, proving, implementing, optimizing and testing innovative methods for solving key problems of the above mentioned research areas, and (practice) by applying the proposed solutions for solving real-world issues arising in application fields such as Cultural Heritage, Embedded and Safety-Critical Systems, Logistics, Security-sensitive distributed Systems, Cognitive Robotics. Further, AIMS leverages, other than on the deep competences of its participants, on the cross-fertilitation between research and courses taught, and on collaborations with local and international universities, research centers and industries.


ERC Keywords

PE6.7 Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Systems, Multi Agent Systems
PE6.4 Theoretical Computer Science, Formal Methods

Other keywords

Modellazione e verifica, Pianificazione automatica, Procedure di decisione e loro integrazione, Programmazione logica e logica computazionale, Ragionamento automatico, Rappresentazione della conoscenza, Risoluzione e programmazione a vincoli



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