Security and Safety of Critical Systems (SESACS)


The availability of secure and dependable computing platforms is at the heart of most safety and security critical aspects of our society. The design, implementation, and deployment of secure computing platforms requires the adoption of proper physical as well as hardware, software, networking, and cryptographic techniques. From the security standpoint, we propose to redesign the basic system and networking software infrastructure, and to develop techniques for the automatic analysis of security-sensitive distributed applications. In the context of semantic-based security of complex systems, we will investigate some of the challenging problems for automated verification and validation methods applied to source code, hardware design, and models of concurrent and distributed systems. From the safety standpoint, we propose to complement computing and networking platforms with appropriate surveillance and/or robotics/telepresence techniques.



Temporary staff

L. Balduzzi, E. Cambiaso, G. Costa, A. Merlo, N. Noceti, R. Traverso, L. Verderame, L. Zini

ERC Keywords

H2020 Keywords

Application domains

We believe it makes little sense trying to write a short list of application domains for our proposal, since it involves the basic properties of security and safety for every software system. In other words, each and every application domain would benefit from having more secure and efficient "pillars" on which building.

Collaboration with universities and research centers

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