Antonio Camurri

Professore Ordinario

Indirizzo Viale Causa, 13 - 16145 Genova
Telefono ufficio (+39) 01033 - 52988
Telefono laboratorio (+39) 010275 - 8252
Fax (+39) 010353 - 2948
Pagina personale


Antonio Camurri, PhD in Computer Engineering, full professor at DIBRIS, University of Genova, where he teaches"Human Computer Interaction" and "Multimodal Systems for Human Computer Interaction". His research interests include multimodal intelligent interfaces and interactive systems; sound and music computing; kansei information processing; computational models of non verbal expressive gesture, emotion, and social signals; active experience of multimedia content; multimodal systems for theatre, music, dance, museums and cultural applications, health (therapy and rehabilitation, independent living). Founder and scientific director of InfoMus Lab and of Casa Paganini - InfoMus Research Centre of University of Genoa (, member of the Executive Committee of the IEEE CS Tech. Committee on Computer Generated Music, founding member of the Italian Association for Artificial Inte... read more

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