Giovanni Adorni

Full Professor

Address Viale Causa, 13 - 16145 Genova
Phone (office) (+39) 01033 - 52219
Phone (laboratory) (+39) 010353 - 2994
Fax (+39) 010353 - 2948
Mobile (+39) 3292104392


Giovanni Adorni was born on March 26, 1952. He received the Dr. Ing. Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Genoa (Italy) in 1976. He was Associate Researcher at the Electrical Institute and the Department of Communication, Computer and System Sciences (DIST) of the University of Genoa, from 1977 to 1987; Associate Professor of Computer Engineering at the University of Trent until 1990, working also as a Visiting Scientist at Thinking Machines Co. (Boston, MA) on massive parallel computation for autonomous navigation. He joined in 1992, as Full Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, the School of Engineering of the University of Parma. He joined in 1999, as a Full Professor of Computer Science, the Sc... read more

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