Davide Anguita

Full Professor

Address Via All'Opera Pia, 11A - 16145 Genova
Phone (office) (+39) 010353 - 2800
Phone (laboratory) (+39) 010353 - 2192
Laboratory www.smartlab.ws


Davide Anguita was born in 1963, received the "Laurea" (MsC) in Electronic Engineering in 1989 and the Ph.D. in Computer and Electronic Eng. from the University of Genoa, Italy, in 1993, with a dissertation on "The Multi Layer Perceptron: recent results and open problems". Later, he was visiting student at HP-Labs Analytical/Medical Dept., Palo Alto, CA, USA, and Postdoc Research Assistant at the International Computer Science Institute, Berkeley, USA, where he continued his research on the application and hardware implementation of Artificial Neural Networks.

Since 1996 he was with DIBE - Department of Biophysical and Electronic Engineering of the University of Genoa, Italy, as Assistant Professor and, from 2001, also lecturer at the University of Trento, Italy. In 2006 he became Associate Professor of Electronics at the University of Genoa, DIBE (now DITEN).

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