TensorFlow tutorial

Vanessa D'Amario

TensorFlow tutorial
Vanessa D'Amario
Short Bio:
Vanessa is a second year PhD student in Computer Science (supervisors: Annalisa Barla, Alessandro Verri). She’s graduated in physics, her main research interests concerns neuroscience (automatic analysis of clinical data) and machine learning. She is also part of ORSA interdepartmental group (Antola observatory).
TensorFlow is an open-source library mainly developed for machine learning but more generally designed for symbolic computation. TensorFlow key concept is the realization of a computational graph that models the dependencies between mathematical operations. The seminar is a simple introduction to TensorFlow and its main features. After a brief comparison between CPU and GPU architectures we will consider the back propagation, essential for gradient computation in deep learning algorithms. The second part concerns the application of TensorFlow on a simple learning task and involves also a visualization part, using TensorBoard.
Thursday, May 10th, 2018 - 14.30
DIBRIS, Valletta Puggia, Room 710


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